Setting the basis for a discourse with a good friend…love him.

In any discourse we must first define the terms. There are two terms in the statement of this discourse; integrity and morality.

Integrity, according to Wikipedia, is defined as the practice of being honest and showing a consistent and…

When we look at any scientific inventions, we will never attribute it to any unintelligent being as the inventor. The cosmos is one big "creation" with much precision and intelligibility. How is it that we cannot logically attribute it to a Creator whose intelligence far exceeds our comprehension? Is it not possible that we have a loving and super intelligent Being who wants to share everything He has with us? Science and knowledge in its isolation cannot offer us meaning. It is the combination of purpose and knowledge out of love for our neighbours that infuse meaning into our lives. If we open up our minds and simply follow the truth as truth is presented to us without any impediments, maybe we can see better.

I would agree as well but the problem with the Renaissance is its attempt to exclude God in the discussion willfully. Not allowing theistic ideas to challenge some of the modern philosophies or distilling the ideas will taint the discourse and prevent us from seeing the truth. Having said that, many modern philosophers' attempt was to intentionally exclude Him anyway and hence gave birth to atheism. This exclusion was filled with our new found scientific knowledge hence killed God in the process as Nietzsche would put it. This modern worldview due to its roots and intentions has dichotomise science and God and is doing the society a big disfavour. You may disagree with me, but we will see what happens in the next 200-300 years. Truth in any form of metanarratives take time to be proven and provided we are willing to accept it.

why would it be a lie when the truth is no species on earth can procreate with homosexual activity? Unless I'm wrong.

Management consultants are business coaches, necessary for every “sport” if you want to excel

Former Chairman and CEO of IBM, Lou Gerstner managed one of the biggest corporate turnarounds when he took over IBM in 1993 had a consultant who worked with him. I joined IBM Software division from 1996 to 1998 before gotten seconded out to a subsidiary. During that time I had…

Chuan Hiang Teng

If philosophy is the love of wisdom and wisdom is discerning right and wrong, then making a good decision is about having wisdom.

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